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How to create content that will stand out & will stay relevant

We all know that it is important to create content that is relevant when it comes to marketing nowadays. We are in a competitive market where everyone is looking for the next “big” thing, and this can be challenging and frustrating - but it doesn’t have to be. If you worry that the internet is already full of content and yours might not be as effective as others, then this is the perfect article for you to read. 

 According to Carrie Rich from The Global Good Fund, “Unique ideas may take longer to create, but they pay off in the long run by increasing engagement with your platform.” As a content creator, you need to aim for something that your audience wants to see or know about. Content like this may take a lot of time to develop at first, however, it also will allow others to invest their own time into the resources you are providing. 

The big question is HOW? We have curated a list that can be your guide when it comes to making your content stand out and stay relevant in today’s market.  

  • Discovering Your Niche

It is important that you are aware of the line of work you are comfortable and confident in. It helps you become personal and authentic with what you offer. In order to achieve significant results, niche content is written to have a strong emotional link with your particular target audience, and is an excellent method for upholding relationships with consumers, clients, or readers. Be sure you are giving your audience value, this is the reason they will come back. You can give answers, offer solutions, and create an emotional connection. Your ultimate goal is to build a community that is interested in what you have to say.

  • Make It Relevant and Personal

If content can remain relevant, your opportunity for success increases - how? According to Sprout Social, 59% is the importance of the factor “relevance of content” in creating a positive experience on Social Media. Connection, connection, connection. We cannot say it enough, it is important to create a connection with your audience. Be sure you are making your content personal, we crave to see what it is like for another person, how are they handling certain situations, or how would they respond.  

  • Make it Simple

It's vital to publish information in a format that has the best chance of being read and shared if you want it to be effective. This includes picking topics that will appeal to your audience. Any potential of your material sticking out will be destroyed by poor formatting, thus, it is important to find the best format that works for you. Your audience doesn’t want to be bombarded with information every hour and they don’t want to have to fight tooth and nail to have the information. Be sure you are getting straight to the point and can relate your content to their everyday life.

  • Make it Innovative

To stand out in a close race, your content must be innovative. To come up with fresh ideas and learn how to connect with your audience better, you need to take a look at your data and what makes you different. The best way to know if your content is staying relevant is by analyzing the data that goes alongside it. Be sure you are paying attention to the metrics and data you receive. It will tell you if your audience is enjoying the content you are sharing with them. You can adjust as needed to grow your following.

  • Use Videos

You should add videos into your context mix to share key messages, programs, and opportunities. Videos are a quick opportunity to reel a reader in, you can use this by providing colorful images or offering a good introduction. Video content is an excellent technique for drawing in potential audiences, as it is challenging to compete for mainstream attention. According to statistics from Social Media Today, highly visual content stays longer in people’s memory and is processed faster by our brains.

All in all, if you are wanting to stand out and stay relevant you have to be aware of the content you are creating. You should be aware of your audience and their lifestyle habits. Something like this won’t happen overnight, but creating a plan and using a few of the ideas we created for you is the first step.

Caylee Wilson

Caylee Wilson / About Author

Caylee is a lover of all things Marvel, horror, and her cat Kody. She is currently finishing up her Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications from Florida State University.

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