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Engage your Audience with Weather Targeted Advertising

Whether you like it or not, the weather directly impacts consumer behavior.  All it takes is one rainy day for umbrella sales to skyrocket, or a heat wave to sell out of air conditioners. While many companies have always run seasonal ads, you can take things one step further by delivering hyper-relevant ads to consumers based on current and forecasted weather.

Brands and agencies can take advantage of weather targeted advertising to deliver effective display ad campaigns that create personalized experiences for consumers.  Timing can be everything when it comes to the influence that advertising has on consumers. Delivering the right message at the right time significantly increases your engagement rate over generic advertising. 

Weather-targeted ads can help your brand:

Tell A Story
"It was a cold and rainy day and nobody wanted to be outside. It was the perfect day to grab a hot cup of coffee and start your taxes." The weather can play a big role in setting the scene and telling a story. Use this to your advantage with both written words and visual elements in your display ads.

Evoke Feelings
The weather has the power to evoke feelings. You can use snow to depict a warm and cozy scenario by the fire, or as a cold, dark time making you long for the sun. People have strong feelings about the weather that can elicit memories and feelings. Using the weather to your advantage can help you tell your story and engage with your target audience.

Drive Action
Weather can sometimes be a nuisance. But it also causes people to react. Drivers start to think about new windshield wipers after a rainy day. Home owners tired of shoveling snow can be convinced to buy a new snowblower ahead of a big lake effect snow storm. And when the weather is too hot to even think about being outside, consumers want to relax inside in their brand new air conditioning. Often, the weather directly impacts the demand of certain products and services.

The possibilities are endless and you can be as innovative and creative as you like with this level of targeted advertising. The more compelling your message and images are, the better engagement you’ll see. From dealerships selling SUVs or snow tires before the first big winter storm, to home improvement stores and contractors using high wind warnings to promote their products and services. The weather can cause problems, and so many businesses have solutions to offer. 

Let’s work together to come up with messaging and a strategy that works best for your brand. So the next time it rains, you’re inundated with leads.

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