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The Benefit of Repurposing Old Content

You are currently working on your weekly content calendar and you’re stuck, but you can’t seem to think of what to create next! You searched on the internet, and you stumbled across this article, where we focus on the benefit of repurposing old content.

Have you ever thought about reusing the entirety or part of the content you already created to increase its overall reach? This is referred to as "repurposing content" or "content recycling." For content creators, not only is it a valuable option, but it is also a known and widely used method to boost the visibility of your material.  Usually, upcycled content can save time by recycling previous blog articles, podcasts, short clips, reels, infographics, and other types of digital content to a new format, rather than creating a new piece each time. A perfect example of this is making a podcast from a previous blog article.

Your digital marketing depends on the creation and sharing of content, yet producing fresh content is time-consuming. Repurposing previous content can be useful in these situations. 

Here are the top five tips for upscaling your content creation when repurposing old content:

Repurpose What's Relevant

If you happen to have outdated content on a current hot topic, update the material you posted before and bring it back into the spotlight. It's possible that you have a past infographic discussing a current trend that has resurfaced or a video reel anticipated for updates that have actually happened. Depending on the situation, adopting an old piece of content and modernizing it to reflect current events will help you attract more audiences.


Appeal to New Audiences

New forms of material and posts are most likely to be valued by your audience. By recycling media messages rather than beginning from the ground up each time, you can appeal to larger audiences. You may grow your online presence and attract more visitors from a wide range of platforms by engaging with new audiences and making them usual visitor. This is a technique to revive outdated content that isn't getting any attention at all. Repurposing your content for different mediums allows your new audience to find content in a place that they are specifically looking at.


Break Through the Block 

If you are running out of ideas, which we all have, make a small step by beginning in a familiar place to get the ball rolling and discover where it leads. Each and every piece of information can be used again.

Let’s take a look at author Joe Casabonana, “So I decided to repurpose an old blog post. Luckily I have nearly 2 decades of content (probably 1 decade of good content) to pull from, remix, and repurpose.”

“I feel good about the direction of the series, and now I have 3 weeks worth of content instead of 1. Plus I get to resurface good posts that haven’t gotten a lot of traction in a while.”


Reinforce your message.

Marketing Rule of 7 states that your customer needs to hear your message seven times before they buy. You are getting your message out repeatedly when you are revisiting the content you already produced. If you're having trouble coming up with a content, browse old blog entries, graphic posts, reels, interviews you've recorded for podcasts, Twitter conversations, email newsletters, or even emails where you might have provided a response to someone else's question. Make a list of things you can reuse. Have a list prepared of your schedules revisions of each item you produce for various social media platforms. Consider a blog as an example that you can make as an infographic that will be relevant. Go over your list and ask your creative team to start brainstorming blog articles, videos, e-books, social illustrations, and viral narratives from it before it is published. 


Update outdated content. 

Hone down on your material that has been effective. Find ways to spin off a blog post that is still generating visitors to your site months or years after it was originally released to the public by turning it into illustrations, videos, or bigger lead magnets. It offers you the chance to expand upon something that is currently producing tangible benefits.


If you are looking for content, take a look at what has worked and what can work again. Remember when you are repurposing content it makes the content easier to scale. “Remixes are popular in music. They can be for your content too.”

Caylee Wilson

Caylee Wilson / About Author

Caylee is a lover of all things Marvel, horror, and her cat Kody. She is currently finishing up her Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications from Florida State University.

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