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Why You Should Add Geofencing to your Omni-Channel Strategy

What if you could reach your prospective customers while they are shopping at a competitor’s location? Or if you could target people at a specific event or tradeshow? With Geofencing marketing, this is all possible. And the best part- Geofencing isn’t just for big companies. SMBs, both B2B and B2C can take advantage of this tool.

What is Geofencing?
Geofencing marketing is location-based ads where a user's location is recorded via the internet, and advertisements are only shown to people in a specific location target. Marketing professionals use geofencing to pinpoint specific advertisements based on the target audiences exact location.

Why is this tool so powerful?
Geofencing allows you to share your message with a group of people in a specific location. Wouldn’t you love to be able to market to people based on their location? Whether you are targeting a competitor’s location, or using it at a tradeshow,  this tool will help your ads get in front of your target audience.

How does it work?
A consumer’s location is tracked by GPS, Bluetooth or beacons. You will define the radius for the geofencing, and anytime someone enters into that location, they will be targeted with your creative banner ads. Brick and mortar locations can also designate a conversion zones to track when those who have been served the ads enter into your storefront.

How does this apply to me?
Consumers today are used to personalized experiences.  Rather than advertising to a radius of downtown, you’ll want to come up with a strategy to deliver specialized messages that match your target demographic.  Here are some ideas of who and how you can use this great tool.

Tradeshow Vendors/Exhibitors can use this to drive traffic to their booth. Target the convention center or hotel where the event is located. Or if it makes sense for larger scale events, target the airport too. If you know your target audience will be in a certain location, take advantage of that opportunity.

Real Estate
professionals can utilize this technology to target people who are going to an open house. Send information about the house, or your real estate company while visitors are there.

Restaurants can build creative ads that include discounts to motivate consumers to visit their location. Is there a big concert, sporting event or musical in town? What about nearby office buildings? Or even a competitor’s location. Use geofencing to showcase a dinner and dessert special to draw them to your business or serve ads with your mouth-watering lunch special to target nearby workers. 

Construction and Home Repair Companies can target big box stores that sell home repair goods, or events that focus on homeowners.

Farmers can even take advantage of geofencing focusing on grocery stores, or farmers markets. 

Wineries can target other wineries and vineyards, especially if they are on a wine trail. They can also take advantage of the many wine themed events and festivals to target customers.

Car Dealerships can also take advantage of this tool, serving ads to consumers who are walking on their competitor’s lots or sitting in their service centers.

Event Managers can target similar events that attract the same audience. Why not take advantage of another festival or event that is already bringing in your targeted demographic?. Running a beer festival? Target breweries and other events that have beer. Electrical Engineering conference? Target similar events, colleges, or big engineering firms that have your target audience. Take advantage of any location that already has large groups of your target audience gathered together.

Regardless of your industry, there are countless ways to use this advertising tool to gain competitive advantage and attract more customers to your business.

We’re happy to help you strategize and run your campaigns. We will work with you to build a geofencing strategy that provides value to your audience, which will help you convert at a higher rate.

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